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OZZ Solar's programs embody brighter ideas that make clean energy attractive to our customers.

OZZ Solar offers its customers two models that will participate in the FIT Program. These models are: the rooftop lease model and the system ownership model. Affordable, sustainable and profitable, the fully managed OZZ Solar approach covers every aspect of solar power generation from initial investigation to system installation and ongoing daily operation. It is the environmentally responsible approach that delivers worry-free service while you run your business.

OZZ Solar's programs include:

  • On-site analysis & feasibility study
  • Structural and electrical engineering
  • Solar development design
  • Project management
  • All regulatory work and filings
  • A long-term government Feed-in-Tariff contract
  • All required permits and approvals
  • Financing
  • Insurance
  • Component sourcing and construction
  • Branding and promotional support
  • Monitoring and performance verification over the life of your FIT contract
  • System service and maintenance over the life of your FIT contract

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