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Case Studies

Longo Brothers Fruit Markets

Objective: Longo's is always looking to improve on one of their corporate philosophies of being an environmentally friendly company. They felt that one way of showing this would be to have rooftop solar PV systems installed on their stores.

Project: 8800 Huntington
8800 Huntington Road, Vaughan, is the location of the Longo's Support Centre. A 250 kW solar PV system was installed, and has been supplying power to the grid since February 2011.

Result: Longo's has been able to not only receive the satisfaction of helping the environment, but will continue to receive monthly cheques for power generation, guaranteed for the next 20 years. Longo's has partnered with OZZ, and will be proceeding with rooftop solar PV systems on 7 more stores in the GTA. The company is also putting screens in-store to show their contribution to the environment.

The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board

Objective: The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board wanted to show students in the community the importance of renewable energy in an educational manner; as well as earning revenue by leasing their unused roof space for a solar PV system.

Project: Adrienne Clarkson Elementary School
Adrienne Clarkson Elementary School will be the first elementary school of the Ottawa-Carleton School Board to have a rooftop solar installation participating in the FIT program. A 50 kW system will be installed in June of this year, and OZZ will be renting the school's roof space for the next 20 years.

Result: The school board will receive rent payments while being able to educate their students on solar PV systems. All students will have access to a database where they can see how the system is generating, and will be educated on the environmental benefits of solar PV systems.