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System Ownership

OZZ Solar will work with you to increase the asset value of your property. OZZ Solar's system ownership model allows you to participate in the FIT Program as the owner of the rooftop solar system. As a system owner, your revenue comes from the system's power generation and you're responsible for its operating costs.

How it works:

  • OZZ Solar handles all aspects of the system installation
  • Once the system reaches commercial operation, OZZ Solar transfers ownership of the system to you
  • You will own the FIT Contract, the solar components. and all related materials
  • Over the 20-year term of the FIT Contract, you will receive payments from your local utility provider for all the power your system generates at a fixed rate per kWh
  • OZZ Solar will provide operation and maintenance services over the term of the FIT Contract

Property managers can justify higher rents when promoting the green initiative with OZZ Solar.