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Solar Facts

Solar power is one of the fastest growing industries.

Solar energy is not only sustainable, it's also renewable, which means we'll never run out of it.

Energy generated from the sun reduces greenhouse gases by replacing fossil fuels and aiding the ability to close coal-fired plants.

Solar energy equals cleaner air, cleaner water and cleaner soil.

A diversified fuel supply strengthens our entire energy system.

No-carbon energy sources - sun, water, wind -- reduce the cost uncertainty of relying on fossil fuels and nuclear material.

Solar facilities are located closer to the user and energy is available when needed most. Transmission line losses and maintenance costs are reduced while supplying clean, cheap power during peak hours.

New solar energy project investment aids local economic development.

Green creates jobs. Skilled and unskilled labour, and recent university graduates all benefit as the renewable energy sector expands.

Solar technology is constantly improving with new developments and discoveries in the field.