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The most Frequently Asked Questions our customers have when they decide to go solar.

How much will I earn from my solar system?

You can expect to earn up to $3,500 annually with your solar system, depending on the size you install

Does my home qualify for a solar system?

By signing up for a free consultation we can determine your home’s eligibility by looking at roof size and the surrounding area

How does my solar system earn income for my home?

The microFIT program pays a fixed rate for the energy generated by your solar system. You will receive payment for this energy from your local electric utility

What does it cost to install a solar system on my home?

The cost of a solar system depends on the size of the system that is installed. We also offer lease and finance programs that allow you to go solar at no cost!

What is the microFIT program?

A program launched by the government to increase renewable energy generation in Ontario. It allows you to secure a 20 year fixed rate for the electricity your solar system delivers to the grid

The current rate paid is $0.294/kWh

What impact will the solar system have on my home?

The value of your home will increase due to the income it will generate. The panels will also protect your roof and extend its lifespan

How will the solar generation affect my hydro bill?

The solar panels will NOT affect your hydro bill. You will continue to be billed as usual for electricity usage, but you will receive a separate payment for your solar energy production

Can I monitor my solar system's electricity production?

Yes, you can monitor your production through our on-line monitoring portal that is included with all solar systems so that you can view your system’s generation data at any point in the day

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