Generating power for the grid.

Generating revenue for your business.

Put the unused roof space on your commercial and industrial buildings to work by using them to create clean, profitable energy. A solar installation is a reliable investment that will increase your building’s value and generate revenue from an otherwise worthless space. It can even extend your building’s roof life.

As a leader in the commercial rooftop solar market, OZZ Solar has already developed and installed over 100MW. We accomplish this with a truly “turn-key” solar experience, from initial project development all the way to electricity generation – and everything in between.

Whether obtaining a Power Purchase Agreement to invest, or implementing Net Metering to offest your electricity costs, OZZ Solar will find the optimal program for your property and provide you with a solar project designed to maximize your returns.

Ozz Solar also offers building owners opportunities to lease their roof space with no investment required on their part. 

OZZ Solar Specializes In…

Structural & Electrical Engineering Services

Financing & Lease Options

Permitting & Approval Services

Regulatory Work & Development

Procurement of New Technologies

Construction and Commissioning

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